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Where has all your donated money gone?  WOLF has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at their new property with nothing to show for.  Staff uses the new property to recreate, not doing anything preparing for the move!

Your donations to the WOLF Sanctuary only result in 3 or 4 dogs saved every year!  It is estimated that donations total $650,000 per year.  That is well over $21,500 per dog per year or $160,000 per dog over its lifetime!!!!  Where is all this money really going?  

Please donate to another organization.  An organization that pursues actual legislation prohibiting the breeding and ownership of these hybrids will spend your donation much more wisely.

As expected, Commissioners Gaiter and Johnson chose to ignore all the facts in front of them at the December 4th, 2018 hearing.  The concerns of nearby residents and ranchers, who showed up in great numbers, were dismissed while the voices of proponents from far away and unaffected by the application were heard.  Johnson explained how annoying his neighbor's barking beagle is, but then proceeded to tell us that 30 howling and barking wolf hybrids will be OK. 

Gaiter and Johnson chose the rescue of 3 dogs per year over the well-being of 100+ human beings.

Perhaps it was best summed up by one of the WOLF supporters who said that we should care less for human beings and care more for dogs.  

The result was a 2-1 vote in favor of the application.

This isn't over however.  There are many legal and ethics issues with this WOLF Special Review and in addition to all the ignored facts, this gives us good reason not to give up yet. 


Commissioner Sean Dougherty was voted out of office after being a relentless cheerleader in favor off WOLF.  This gives us a much better chance to make sure WOLF follows the rules as set forth in the Special Review resolution.


Keep reminding the WOLF sponsors about the lack of transparency.  Ask them if they know how the money is spent!

A similar situation has unfolded in a Weld County special review where the facts were ignored.  The affected residents there sued and eventually won the case via appeal.  It could now potentially cost the applicant in that case millions of dollars. 

Help block the move of the WOLF Sanctuary

and preserve the Peace and Quiet of our Neighborhoods

We moved here for the peace and quiet this area offers.  The development of the proposed WOLF Sanctuary facilities will completely and negatively change the character of our neighborhoods.

Moose don't like the WOLF Sanctuary
Deer don't like the WOLF Sanctuary
The Special Review Process

The W.O.L.F. proposal is currently going through the Larimer County Special Review Process.  Find out more about this process here.

Moose don't like the WOLF Sanctuary
Get the Facts

The W.O.L.F. staff have been very dismissive of the concerns of nearby residents.  These concerns are based on facts however, and should be considered in the Special Review Process

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Elk don't like the WOLF Sanctuary

Follow this link to find important documents related to this proposed development.

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